Asbestos Survey for Schools in Yorkshire

Asbestos Survey for Schools in YorkshireThere are several reasons why teachers might need an asbestos survey for schools in Yorkshire. Asbestos has always been used as a component for construction. In the past, it was common to find asbestos in electrical appliances and cooking equipment. It is known to be resistant to heat and fire, so it was used to insulate buildings as well as hot plates and wiring. These days, asbestos isn’t used as much because it can cause breathing problems and other health complications. However, in the old days, almost all buildings were made using asbestos. Many school buildings have been around for decades, or even centuries, so it’s very likely that they have high volumes of asbestos.

When you want to confirm contamination in Yorkshire, an asbestos survey for schools is a helpful tool. If teachers, parents, or community leaders see signs of asbestosis in their kids, they should confirm the source of asbestos and hire professionals to get rid of it, so that their children can study in a safe, healthy, environment. In past ages, asbestos could be used to make fireproof vests, and might even be worn by firemen. These days, asbestos in buildings can harm those very same firemen, because if they inhale too much of it, the can get very sick. Fires expose asbestos because it was mixed with cement and insulation in old buildings, so when the buildings burn, the outer materials wear away leaving asbestos fibres and fumes out in the open.

Children that have asbestosis might show several symptoms that prompt an asbestos survey for schools in Yorkshire, or in any other part of the country. These symptoms include dry coughs that last a long time and are resistant to cough remedies, pain in the chest, fingertips that are bigger than usual and have a club-like shape, deformed nails, difficulty breathing, and tight feelings in the chest. If your children show any of these symptoms, please give us a call so we can test your home or school for asbestos levels and help you get rid of this toxic substance.