Asbestos Survey for Schools in Croydon

Asbestos Survey for Schools in CroydonIf you are searching for a company to carry out asbestos survey for schools in Croydon, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ACS. Buildings constructed prior to 2000 would most certainly contain some form of asbestos as it was widely used during those years. It’s a legal obligation to manage asbestos and make sure that it’s not disturbed and if works have to be carried out, make sure to reach the right company to ensure that asbestos is properly dealt with. People who are in charge of maintenance at the school or the dutyholder can contact us regarding any surveys or work related to asbestos.

Schools that suspect their premises may contain asbestos should get a survey to assess the amount and location of the asbestos. In Croydon, an asbestos survey for schools is best done by a professional and experienced company. Asbestos is normally present in thermal insulation on pipes and boilers, in ceiling tiles, textured coatings, floor tiles and other products and they may not present a danger to students. However, if students are rowdy and may vandalise the property, then it is impudent to take necessary actions to protect the people working and studying in the building. Our survey will help identify vulnerable and exposed panels. However, asbestos is most likely to be disturbed if the school is planning to renovate the buildings or demolishing part of the building. In such cases, we can offer our assistance in the form of asbestos survey as well as removal. Please note that the law requires only trained and expert personnel to deal with asbestos.

We provide different types of asbestos survey for schools in Croydon and will be pleased to be of assistance. Whether you need a simple management survey or a refurb demolition survey, let us know. If you need an asbestos survey for schools, don’t hesitate to contact ACS.  Our main aim as asbestos experts is to provide you with solutions tailored to your specific requirements and making sure that the premises your students and your school personnel are working in are safe.