Asbestos Survey in Greenwich

Asbestos Survey in GreenwichWhy would you need an asbestos survey in Greenwich? If your building is an older building, constructed before 2000, it is likely to have asbestos-containing materials. As asbestos is a highly dangerous material, known to cause incurable diseases, it is your legal duty to manage any asbestos on your property. This is especially necessary if you are considering renovations to your building. Asbestos itself is not dangerous. However, when asbestos is disturbed causing the fibres to become airborne, it is then the danger increases. The fibres can be inhaled, become embedded in the lining of a person’s lungs, and develop disease such as mesothalmania and lung cancer.

Asbestos was regarded as the miracle building material for its numerous properties. In Greenwich, an asbestos survey will determine if any and how much asbestos is present in the building. By conducting a survey, you will responsibly doing your role of duty to manage. Once the survey has completed, the best course of action will be decided. An asbestos survey is best done by a professional company with many years of experience and knowledge of asbestos. We help businesses and homeowners comply with asbestos and health and safety regulations. We offer a number of different types of surveys, and if you are in doubt as to what type of survey you need, feel free to contact us for advice. Our highly trained and experienced staff can answer any questions you may have. They can also help you choose the right course of action for your business.

An asbestos survey in Greenwich is necessary before any planned renovations begin. Contact ACS today if you have any queries or need advice on the best type of asbestos survey you need. The standard asbestos survey that we offer is the management survey. The purpose of this survey is to locate the presence and extent of any asbestos containing materials in the building, and assess the condition thereof. A refurb/demolition survey is imperative before any demolition or renovations are done to a building. This survey does not assess the condition of the any asbestos present, but merely note the areas of damage or where additional asbestos debris could possibly be located.