Asbestos Survey for Colleges in Croydon

Asbestos Survey for Colleges in CroydonACS can conduct an asbestos survey for colleges in Croydon. The duty holders of a college are expected to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations set forth in 2012. Failure to do so could result in prosecution. It could also result in health risks for students and staff exposed to dangerous asbestos fibres. It is expected that colleges will institute an asbestos management plan. ACS can assist the duty holders of colleges by conducting a survey to detect the presences of asbestos. If the substance is found, we will lay out a management plan that will effectively protect the health of future generations of students. Our environmental company has the training, certification and expertise to assist your duty holders through the recommended management steps.

Many of our colleges contain asbestos but that doesn’t mean health is at risk. In Croydon, asbestos survey for colleges will identify where the asbestos is and the condition of it. As long as it’s not damaged there is no risk. All that is needed is management. That involves regular site inspections to monitor the condition of the asbestos. Keep good records of inspections and note any changes and the actions to take. We’ll prepare a complete picture of the asbestos situation and a simple management plan to be followed. It is important to note that any refurbishment within the building could cause disturbance of asbestos. If remodelling is in the plans then a demolition and refurbishment survey is required. We are safety equipped to conduct all such surveys.

When we at ACS conduct an asbestos survey for colleges in Croydon, some of the most expert professionals in the field are at work for you. All environmental and safety issues are addressed by our team of experts who have chosen this field as their career. If our asbestos survey indicates a health risk that can only be eliminated by the removal of all asbestos, we are fully equipped with the training and safety equipment to undertake the task. Contact ACS and let us conduct your college asbestos survey and prepare your management plan. Our rates are reasonable; you only pay for needed services. Your college duty holders can be confident that they are always within the safety guidelines protecting the health of students and staff.