Asbestos Survey in Hillingdon

Asbestos Survey in HillingdonWe can carry out a professional asbestos survey in Hillingdon.  This has become necessary due to the large amount of asbestos used in buildings in the last century. It was hailed as a wonder material which withstood fire and helped to insulate heating units as well as being light and easy to work with. It was eventually discovered to have other properties which were not as beneficial to the occupants of the buildings it was used in.  It turned out that asbestos could be extremely deadly. The fibres that make up the asbestos can detach themselves through damage or wear and become airborne. This allows them to be inhaled and get into the lungs where the sharp spikes pierce the lining of the lungs. Once this happens there is no medical treatment that can reverse the damage.

To be guaranteed safe from contamination in Hillingdon, asbestos survey will tell you exactly what type of asbestos you have in your home or business. We make a survey as comprehensively as possible to ensure that you are aware of where the asbestos is in your building. Some of it can be removed if it will not further contaminate the environment or we can encapsulate it so that the fibres cannot become airborne. Only by having a thorough survey will you be aware of the risks and solutions.

Everyone needs an asbestos survey in Hillingdon. Contact ACS today and our helpful staff will let you know all the details of asbestos surveys or removal. We pride ourselves on being a disseminator of information to all of our customers.  Without knowledge you have no control over your safety. We can provide that knowledge for your business or your home. We have 8 branches throughout the UK to make it easy to contact us. Over our years in the industry we have realised that each problem has a different solution. We make sure that the solution we suggest takes into account all of your unique criteria and offers a reasonable resolution to your asbestos problem.