Asbestos Survey in Merton

Asbestos Survey in MertonIt may be wise to get an asbestos survey in Merton when renovating or demolishing an old building. At ACS, we offer two types of asbestos surveys: refurbishment/demolition survey, and a management survey. Every building needs to be surveyed before a demolition or refurbishment project. Our survey is fully intrusive and it may also involve destructive inspection. This type of survey will help you locate any asbestos debris, but it does not assess the condition of the asbestos itself. Once the survey is complete, we will recommend a course of action.

If you are in Merton, asbestos survey management is just a phone call away. Thanks to our years of experience within the asbestos removal industry, we are able to provide management survey for any asbestos projects. We are proud of our ability to carry out any asbestos project, from start to finish, in a safe, efficient and competitively priced manner. You will be informed throughout the project, and all of our asbestos services are fully compliant with any relevant legislation. We also offer additional services which are related to the management survey. We offer air monitoring/testing services, asbestos training courses, and asbestos advice.

Give us a ring if you need an asbestos survey in Merton, or if you need any one of our various other assessment services. We’ve evolved our offer to include health and safety audits, which are designed to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your organisation’s H&S practices. Our team of expert consultants will provide you with extensive reports that will list all of the actions needed to ensure that you are fully compliant with the current legislation. Some of the areas included in the audit are relate to structural and environmental issues, storage systems and procedures, fire protection and prevention, storage and use of chemicals, personal safety, display screen equipment, and accident reporting. These types of audits are essential because they help you comply with legislation, and thus avoid potentially disastrous litigations, and because they will create a safe work environment.