Asbestos Survey in Edgbaston

Asbestos Survey in EdgbastonHave you wondered why an asbestos survey in Edgebaston is needed? If you have planned on remodelling or adding on to your new building, you may be surprised that you need an asbestos survey before you can begin any construction or demolition work. The reason for an asbestos survey is that asbestos, when disturbed, is lethal. When it is disturbed, it releases fibres which can be inhaled by those in the vicinity. The inhaled fibres can, over time, cause fatal diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma, and cancers.

For your renovation project in Edgbaston, an asbestos survey is necessary to meet your duty to manage obligations as set out by the HSE. As asbestos was seen as a miracle building material for its many qualities in the past, it was discovered that long term exposure to asbestos was lethal. Many older buildings still contain asbestos-containing materials, and while they do not pose a threat if they are left undisturbed, it is when the asbestos is disturbed that it is dangerous to all who come into contact with it. As the owner of an older building, it is likely that you are unaware of the amount and condition of any asbestos within the building. It is prudent then to have an asbestos survey to determine the extent and location of the asbestos-containing material in your building.

ACS can assist with an asbestos survey in Edgbaston. For more information about the different types of asbestos survey that we offer, contact us and we can provide advice and guidance for the most suitable plan for your building. All our surveyors are professional, qualified and experienced in all aspects of asbestos. We also provide advice and answers for any questions you may have regarding asbestos. All the surveys we provide conform to the HSG264 industry standard as stipulated by the HSE. Ensure your building is safe, and that you comply with your duty to manage, and speak to us for a professionally completed asbestos survey.