Asbestos Survey in West Bromwich

Asbestos Survey in West BromwichACS conducts two types of asbestos survey in West Bromwich. One is a Management Survey which will locate and detail asbestos on the premises and recommendations for its management. Every public building is required to conduct a survey and have a manager or owner responsible for following up with management recommendations. Those recommendations may range from do nothing to monitor the condition to remove and dispose of dangerous contamination. Our surveys meet government guidelines for asbestos management in public buildings. If you are planning to buy a new house, ask the current owner to provide an asbestos survey so you know the environment in your new home is safe for your family.

The other survey we conduct is a Refurb and Demolition survey. In West Bromwich, an asbestos survey is far more invasive than a management survey. The survey is required before a building can be refurbished or demolished to make way for a new building. For this purpose all asbestos is dangerous because it will be disrupted during refurbishment or demolition. Once the work begins any asbestos that is present will be disturbed and released into the environment. That presents a major health hazard so the asbestos must be removed and disposed of. Once the building comes down or the tear-out is complete, the air all around the site must be tested for asbestos and so must the ground. It’s possible that several inches of topsoil will need replacing if asbestos has settled into the ground.

Asbestos is dangerous and lethal when our asbestos survey in West Bromwich reveals the environment is contaminated. The little fibres of asbestos are small enough to be inhaled where they can then lodge in lung tissue, eventually causing lung disease. It does not happen that way every time, but the risk is high. Contact ACS when you plan on demolition of part or all of a building. We will find all obvious and hidden asbestos; seal the building or refurbishment section tight and remove all the asbestos before demolition begins. Ground and air will be tested when debris has been removed to assure a clear environment. Our technicians are professionals, highly trained and equipped with safety equipment and methods. Safety is our number one priority.