Asbestos Survey in Smethwick

Asbestos Survey in SmethwickWho needs an asbestos survey in Smethwick? Owners and managers of public buildings need a Management Asbestos Survey. ACS performs these surveys for businesses, schools, factories, public housing and more. The purpose is to first determine if asbestos is present. If it’s not, then we write a report to that effect for the owner’s files. The owner/manager has met their obligation. If the survey shows the presence of asbestos, then ACS will record its whereabouts and condition. That information will determine how the asbestos will be managed. The management could be anything from doing nothing to complete containment and removal. Our survey report will make recommendations based on the condition of the asbestos.

A Refurbishment or Demolition Survey differs from a Management Survey. If you plan to refurbish a public building or tear it down in Smethwick, an asbestos survey that is invasive is necessary. For refurbishment that means going into the intended area and probing into walls to search for the asbestos. The deadly material could be in the walls insulation, plaster walls or wrapped around heating pipes. You can’t refurbish safely until the asbestos is removed from the premises. If the building is coming down, then a systematic removal must take place to avoid contaminating the environment including the ground the building sits on. Our Refurbishment or Demolition Survey will outline the recommendations for removal safely and legally.

The aim of ACS is solution based beginning with an asbestos survey in Smethwick. We address asbestos on the premises and we have an excellent team to conduct and follow up on surveys for all environmental health threats. Our team are professionals with expertise in all environmental issues. Asbestos is one of the most dangerous materials we deal with at ACS. There is so much of it still in our buildings. Much of it is safe if left alone but eventually all buildings must be refurbished or demolished. Contact ACS and let us prepare a survey for your property so you will know your level of safety. At ACS we are safety trained to carry out asbestos surveys and can refer you to an asbestos removal company.