Asbestos Survey in Wolverhampton

Asbestos Survey in WolverhamptonIf you own a public building, you need an asbestos survey in Wolverhampton. At ACS Health Safety & Environmental, we want to protect the public from exposure to contaminants and pollutants that cause illness and death, especially asbestos. Our government laws demand businesses comply with health and safety regulations. Most businesses are agreeable to that but they cannot protect against what they do not know exists. Before the government put these regulations into place, people first got sick and then the building was checked for cause. This was especially true of mould. However, asbestos is a silent killer with no symptoms, often for decades. Therefore, all public buildings must be surveyed for asbestos.

At ACS, we help businesses comply with safety regulations by conducting inspections that reveal unhealthy buildings. For instance, in Wolverhampton, asbestos survey work is sending our techs throughout the building in search of asbestos that is damaged. It’s only dangerous if it’s not sealed. Once the physical inspection is completed, we prepare a survey report showing where asbestos can be found within the building. If there is no asbestos, our survey report shows that and you can rest knowing you’re fully compliant. In the event there is asbestos, but the condition is good and it presents no immediate danger, we note that along with recommendations for a management plan.

When an asbestos survey in Wolverhampton reveals the presence of old and damaged asbestos. We detail the locations in our survey report. Asbestos that could release microscopic fibres into the air must be addressed quickly and professionally. Remediation is your legal obligation. Still, we can help by bringing in a team of experienced technicians equipped with state-of-the-art safety gear. They will clear the building of asbestos and dispose of it according to environmental regulations. After a successful air check, the building or section of building can safely be reopened to the public. Contact ACS at one of our eight locations for an asbestos survey of your building. Our reports are concise and easily understood by anyone. Don’t risk fines and lawsuits by neglecting to implement mandatory health inspections.