Asbestos Survey in Tamworth

Asbestos Survey in TamworthWhen you order an asbestos survey in Tamworth from ACS, expect the finest customer service. Our surveys are thorough and meet all government regulations yet they are clearly written in common language. You and your building managers will not have to struggle through technical terminology to find meaning. Our purpose is to determine if asbestos is present in your building and if so, evaluate the threat to building occupants. If asbestos is present, we clearly describe where it is located and its condition. We then lay out a recommended management plan for dealing with the asbestos with suggestions for how best to follow through. Your plan could range from monitoring the asbestos for changes to total removal.

ACS is a team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge to address all your environmental issues, including asbestos. In Tamworth, asbestos survey by ACS is only part of our services. We want to keep your building compliant with legal regulations by offering health and safety training to your staff. The premises where you live and work with others may be environmental healthy in every way. That is the ideal and we won’t be telling you to pay for tests and services you clearly don’t need. Our conducting an asbestos survey will not damage your building in any way. We know where asbestos is likely to be found although we check everywhere. Our job is to observe, document and advise for management purposes.

ACS also will also conduct your asbestos survey in Tamworth for demolition or refurbishment. This kind of survey is necessarily invasive because demolition will disturb asbestos that, left alone, would pose no threat. However, if it falls under a wrecking crew, the fibres will become airborne and lethal. Contact ECS for asbestos surveys whether for management or demolition. We have experienced teams in eight locations from which to serve you. Once your survey is complete, we spend the time to review it with you in case you have questions and explain the reasoning behind our management recommendations. We are always available to you and your management staff for question and reviews.