Asbestos Survey in Portishead

Asbestos Survey in PortisheadPerhaps you feel you have this dangerous material somewhere on your property or building and you need an asbestos survey in Portishead. This should be undertaken without any delay, as it can be a significant health risk to those exposed to it. It can also leave you liable to legal action by those whose health has been affected by it. At ACS, we believe that such surveys are a vital aspect of safety in homes, commercial, public or retail buildings. They also help to maintain the mandatory asbestos register in older buildings where this material was extensively used in earlier decades. This ensures that you and your organisation or business remain fully compliant with national and international asbestos monitoring regulations.

ACS offers a range of comprehensive surveys designed to suit your needs. In Portishead, asbestos survey can be the standard one which helps to identify, locate and quantify the presence and amount of asbestos in a particular area. It helps you to plan for the proper use of the building, its maintenance and necessary renovations. Our refurbishment and demolition survey helps to accurately evaluate the areas of damage and the spread of the loose asbestos during demolition, renovation or regular maintenance work. Our surveys help you manage asbestos on your property safely and efficiently and we also offer useful advice on what the best future course of action would be.

An asbestos survey in Portishead is a very important aspect of modern safety practices. Contact ACS for more information. We can also arrange for our trained technicians to make a free site visit and provide you with a no-obligations quote. Asbestos was a popular construction material in the early decades of the twentieth century and before that. It is versatile, fire-resistant, non-conducting, easy to mold and lightweight, making it the ideal material for false ceilings, fire-proofing, liners in water cisterns. Because of its extensive use, it is to be found in most buildings of that era. However, its health-risks have become known since then. Various lung cancers and infections, and allergies can result.