Asbestos Survey in Clevedon

Asbestos Survey in ClevedonIf you are the owner or manager of a business then you need an asbestos survey in Clevedon. As the person ultimately responsible for the safety of your staff and the public you need to be sure that there are no asbestos fibres in the air on your premises. A large proportion of building owners will fall into this category as most buildings built before 1999 has asbestos used in them. It could be in the walls, ceilings or almost anywhere. While the material is unworn and undamaged there is usually no problem but when the material around the asbestos wears or is cracked it allows the fibres to become airborne.

Your staff are important to you and to your business. In Clevedon, an asbestos survey can ensure that they stay that way. By law you can be held responsible if people who work for you get lung disease through asbestos on your premises. A survey by us will find any asbestos in the building and we will check to make sure it is intact and not shedding fibres. If this is the case then a note is made of the condition of the material and where it can be found. If, however, it is found to be a problem we can either remove the asbestos or if it is in a place that makes this impossible then we can encapsulate it so that it becomes safe.

We carry out asbestos surveys in Clevedon and the surrounding areas. Contact ACS today and we will end a team of experts to your premises to assess the situation. Our objective is to provide solutions to a range of safety and environmental problems affecting businesses. Our team consists of experienced career professionals who want to provide a holistic approach to safety and environmental work. Due to the lack of knowledge there are many potential danger areas for your business and the environment that surrounds it. Once you are aware of the dangers you can then begin to tackle them making your business safer.