Asbestos Survey in Glastonbury

Asbestos Survey in GlastonburyAs a building owner, tenant or property manager, it’s important that you stay informed about conducting a regular asbestos survey in Glastonbury and other locations. This ensures that occupants of the building, visitors and other users stay safe during use, renovations and demolitions. At ACS, we are fully trained, qualified and experienced to conduct comprehensive asbestos surveys that ensure compliance with current residential/occupational health and safety regulations. Studies have shown that asbestos-containing-materials (ACM) kill nearly 5000 workers each year. This is much more than all the motor-vehicle accident fatalities. Past exposure kills many more people and this may even go undetected or unreported.

Any building that was constructed or refurbished prior to 2000 could put your health at risk. In Glastonbury, asbestos surveys carried out by our technicians can accurately, safely, swiftly and efficiently locate, identify and quantify asbestos and ACM. When these materials are damaged, disturbed or they’re aged, they begin to release fine fibres that enter our lungs and cause a variety of illnesses. It could result in various respiratory problems, asbestiosis, pleural thickening, mesothelioma, various types of lung conditions including cancer, and allergies. Asbestos is commonly found in ceilings, floor cavities, lagging, spray-coatings, insulation-boards, floor-tiles, fire-proof textiles, composites, textured coatings, cement products, water-cisterns, pipes, etc. According to the Control of Asbestos Regulations, 2012, building-owners have the sole responsibility of managing asbestos, whether the premises are lived-in, tenanted or unoccupied, even in small areas like lift-rooms, or boiler-houses.

Asbestos surveys in Glastonbury conducted by us are tailored to your requirements. For instance, we offer different types of surveys that include management survey, refurbishment/demolition survey, removal and also health and safety training in dealing with asbestos. The standard management survey is designed to locate and evaluate the condition of ACMs and report on foreseeable maintenance, and removal. For more information about our available asbestos surveys, contact ACS. In many cases, asbestos in good condition may not pose a risk, but ongoing inspection may be required. Refurb/demolition surveys are conducted only to locate and assess the amount of asbestos to ensure safe removal. We provide professional reports along with site plans, sample certificates, prioritised recommendations and ongoing support and advice.