Asbestos Survey in Oxford

Asbestos Survey in OxfordIf you’ve never had an asbestos survey in Oxford, it’s time to consider calling us. The purpose of an asbestos survey is for the health, safety and environmental monitoring for us all. If you are a business owner, you are required by law to follow government guidelines for asbestos management and we can assure your business complies. An asbestos survey is also good business for anyone that owns a building. If it’s a public building then again, there’s the government compliance. But aside from that, if you can show potential buyers, apartment or office space lessees, employees, estate agents, contractors and insurance companies a clean asbestos survey, they will be more inclined to do business with you.

Imagine, fifteen years from now a long-forgotten tenant names you in a lawsuit for damages to their health caused by asbestos. For those in Oxford, asbestos survey covering the dates of exposure could save you from a costly defense. The process is simple and inexpensive but we at ACS perform a thorough survey of the premises, detail our findings and list our recommendations. We don’t damage walls, floors or pipework. We know where to look for asbestos and if we find it, usually it is undisturbed and therefore safe. Our recommendation will be monitor the site. Some building owners will want asbestos removed even though it poses no risk. They want to be done with it forever and that’s fine. We have a division of certified asbestos removal technicians that will make a quick and thorough job of it.

Your intentions for your property determine the asbestos survey in Oxford. A demolition survey is essential before a building is demolished or undergoes extensive refurbishment. For this, we go into walls, ceilings and floors in search of asbestos and if we find it, it must be removed before refurbishment or demolition is begun. We all have the same goal; the safety of your buildings occupants from environmental hazards, including deadly asbestos. Achieving that goal is possible without undue fear to occupants when our professionals carry out the task. Our experience and ongoing training and current equipment keeps us safe as well as building occupants. Contact ACS and we will prepare the appropriate survey you require. You may not have to evacuate the entire building even for refurbishment.  However, the most likely scenario is your building is safe and now you will have a survey to prove it.