Asbestos Survey in Stroud

Asbestos Survey in StroudYou will need to have an asbestos survey in Stroud if you own or manage a business. By law all building owners or business managers have a duty to ensure their employees and the public are safe in the building. Almost all buildings constructed or renovated before 1999 will have some asbestos in them. It was considered a wonder material with regards to insulation before it was discovered how dangerous the fibres could be to the health of people working or living around asbestos. Although the asbestos material may still be in good condition and is not shedding fibres it is imperative to know where it is and what type of asbestos it is.

Health and safety is a priority in workplaces today. In Stroud, asbestos survey visits entail searching the building for any walls, partitions or insulation that may have asbestos material in its makeup.  We can test the air to be sure that there are no asbestos fibres floating around. If we find fibres in the air then we need to remove or encapsulate the material responsible. If the asbestos is in a very poor state we may have to encapsulate it to stop fibres being released. The approach we take to remedy the problem is as varied as the uses were for the asbestos itself. Once we have safely removed the asbestos we have to package it carefully for removal to an approved waste site.

We conduct a thorough asbestos survey in Stroud for domestic and commercial buildings. Contact ACS today and book a survey so that your family or employees are safe from the horrors of various asbestos diseases. The removal of asbestos does not only apply to businesses it can also be found in most households. How much more damage is being done in a home with the family spending more time there? It is worth getting all buildings checked for asbestos before finding that a loved one has an incurable and fatal disease. Once the fibres get into the lungs it is lethal.