Asbestos Survey in Cardiff

Asbestos Survey in CardiffIf you are in need of a comprehensive Asbestos survey in Cardiff, ACS is the perfect solution. Managing asbestos for a commercial or industrial enterprise is a legal requirement. Where you are responsible for a premises and specifically the maintenance and repair of the same, you have a duty to responsibly manage asbestos. This is because you could be putting those you are responsible for such as your employees at a serious health risk. ACS understands the needs associated with asbestos management given the breadth of experience and knowledge under its wing. As such, we are uniquely qualified to carry out a comprehensive survey on your project. Our survey is tailored to your particular industry and with the help of highly skilled asbestos surveyors, we are able to provide you with a fully detailed and cost efficient report with a course of action to take thereafter.

We offer our services across the UK and in Cardiff, asbestos surveys are carried out with expertise specific to the locality. An asbestos survey is the first step in managing asbestos responsibly and legally. The purpose of carrying out an asbestos survey is to make a materials assessment. Buildings all over the UK still have levels of asbestos that are dangerous and must be managed responsibly. According to the law, you are a duty holder where you are responsible for a non-domestic premises or the common parts of a domestic premises. There are two types of survey that may be required and we assess which of the two is the best. We can either carry out a Management Survey or a Refurbishment or demolition survey. We employ our expertise and speciality in the area to carry out a comprehensive survey detailing any necessary remedial work and ultimately, the best course of action for your business. We stand out due to our efficient and thorough service provision and vow to keep you informed at every stage.

In addition to asbestos surveys in Cardiff, we also offer asbestos related services at ACS such as a full selection of air testing and monitoring services, asbestos training and advice that come at our recommendation as will be required given your particular business. If you are unsure about where to begin or need a guiding hand, contact ACS today to begin the journey to safer more efficient asbestos management.