Asbestos Survey in Penarth

Asbestos Survey in PenarthAn asbestos survey in Penarth will need to be conducted when you are starting renovation work on your home. A highly specialised task, trained and qualified asbestos surveyors are required to do the job. Avoiding the issue and skipping the survey can have dangerous consequences. This is why it is a requirement for renovations and demolitions. If you live in an older building, it is highly likely that there is asbestos in the walls and insulation. If you are planning to knock any of these walls down, redo your ceiling, or replace your geyser insulation, you will need to arrange an asbestos survey before commencing with the project.

High quotes for unintelligible jargon-based requirements and processes can be discouraging and misleading. With a professional company in Penarth, asbestos survey costs and results are clearly presented in understandable terms, and are affordable. We can provide a comprehensive asbestos survey for your building in Penarth and any surrounding areas. Dedicated to providing top quality asbestos surveys for your needs, we also provide education and awareness of the risks and hazards of asbestos too. Our service includes, above the survey itself, a report on the survey’s findings, guidelines and advice on how to manage the presence of asbestos, and any support or assistance you may need.

An asbestos survey in Penarth is the first step towards your renovations. We are committed to providing excellent service and support to all our clients. Our surveyors are highly trained to handle any situation. Contact ACS today to find out about what kind of asbestos survey will suit your needs in Penarth. We offer a Management Asbestos Survey or a Refurbishment and Demolition Survey, both of which are conducted in accordance with the HSG264 HSE guidance notes. You will not find a more qualified, dedicated company than ACS.