Asbestos Survey in Cirencester

Asbestos Survey in CirencesterConsidering all the debates surrounding asbestos, it’s crucial to have an asbestos survey in Cirencester. Asbestos is found in soil and rocks. It is flexible and resistant to heat making it ideal for insulating walls and attics. Vinyl tiles used for floors are also made from asbestos. It seems like asbestos may be all around us. Surprisingly, asbestos poses a great health hazard and has been implicated in numerous cancers and lung diseases. The fibres of the mineral are so small that most people inhale it without realising. Its accumulation in the lung gives toxic effects that can lead to cancer development. The use of asbestos in construction has been banned in many developed countries. European countries have stiff healthy and safety regulations against asbestos. At ACS, we make sure every property follows the regulations prescribed for asbestos.

For property owners in Cirencester, asbestos survey reports are important. In many old buildings, traces of asbestos have been found to exist within the premises.  Residents from such buildings face the risk of exposure and possible health problems. Asbestos is used to coat hot water pipes. During normal occupancy or routine maintenance, damage may occur to asbestos containing installations and this can cause air contamination. We offer standard surveys that can identify the presence and extent of any suspected asbestos containing substance.  At ACS, we offer a full range of asbestos-related air testing & air monitoring services.

ACS provides a comprehensive asbestos survey in Cirencester. When it comes to asbestos, you can ask us anything. We are fully equipped to manage projects surrounding this mineral at friendly prices. We provide a wide range of health and safety audits that identify the strengths and weaknesses of most health and safety practices.  A simple understanding of asbestos can go a long way. We allow our clients to act rather than react when it comes to environmental issues.  If you suspect any contamination in your building, contact ACS. We review and implement the health and safety regulation related to asbestos.