Asbestos Survey in Gloucester

Asbestos Survey in GloucesterCall ACS Environmental for your asbestos survey in Gloucester. If you are the owner or manager of a building, environmental regulations for asbestos are a requirement. We at ACS are committed to helping you get and stay compliant with those regulations which, in essence, requires business owners to manage asbestos. You may wonder how, exactly, you’re supposed to do that. If yours is a newer building, you may need to do nothing. However, older buildings in the UK may still contain asbestos. Our team will survey the nooks and crannies of your building to search out obvious or exposed asbestos.  We often see it used as insulation in plumbing, heating and even electrical systems. We may not find any in which case our survey report will show your building is free of asbestos. Hold on to our written survey for future reference.

If our survey shows the presence of asbestos, we will note the location and condition in our report.  In Gloucester, asbestos survey report showing asbestos means you, the owner/manager, must manage it. Our ACS certified asbestos survey reports will contain recommendations as to how best to manage based on how much of a hazard it represents. Sealed or contained asbestos doesn’t present an immediate danger so all you have to do is check it regularly and make sure it stays contained. Once it’s damaged, it has to be removed according to regulations. Our ACS removal team can carry out safe asbestos removal and write for you a clean bill of building health.

An asbestos survey in Gloucester by ACS causes no damage to your floors, walls or ceiling. It’s non-invasive because any asbestos contained within plaster, paint or insulation is contained and not a health hazard. The exception is buildings set for demolition and that’s another survey we perform. All asbestos has to go before the building comes down and sends it out into the environment. Contact ACS Environmental for the asbestos survey and management plan legally required by our environmental protection agency. We offer written, easily understood and carried out management plans so your building stays compliant.