Asbestos Survey in Birkenhead

Asbestos Survey in BirkenheadACS is the company to call for an asbestos survey in Birkenhead. We are a large company with multiple locations from which to serve you. We offer solutions for environmental issues in the workplace, housing complexes and domestic locations. One problem, asbestos, overwhelmed because it is found in most structures built before 1990. The substance was used in common building materials for decades because of its insulating, strengthening, fire resistant qualities and abundant availability. For many, the carcinogenic nature of this otherwise miracle mineral was discovered too late. It is thought that up to 50% of workplace caused cancers are due to long-term exposure to microscopic asbestos fibres.

We now understand the dangers of asbestos and have solutions in place. For the management of asbestos in Birkenhead, asbestos survey performed by our experienced ACS team is the best place to start. We know where to look for the asbestos in your building. When we perform our survey, we don’t break into walls or ceilings or disturb insulation. We are looking for the presence of asbestos, the condition and the location. All of that information is documented in plain English in our survey. Our recommendations for the management of the asbestos is included. We may recommend doing nothing, because the asbestos is contained and poses no health threat or if damaged, it will need to be safely removed and disposed of according to government guidelines. We have teams equipped and trained to do that.

Our asbestos survey in Birkenhead will lay out a management plan for contained asbestos on site. There is no more hysteria associated with the presence of asbestos such as gripped the nation early on. We map out a plan to conduct regular inspections which can be carried out by the building owner or manager with guidelines of what to watch for. Contact ACS and schedule your asbestos survey. We will keep you compliant with national safety regulations and your building occupants assured of the safety of your building. You will find our surveys easy to read and understand and the follow through simple to understand and carry out.