Asbestos Survey in Chepstow

Asbestos Survey in ChepstowIf you need an asbestos survey in Chepstow, it’s crucial to contact a professional service provider.  If there is any asbestos-containing material in your building, then this should be done without delay. This should be done to comply with current legislation and to ensure that your family, visitors and staff remain safe.  Studies have confirmed that any residential or industrial building constructed or refurbished before 2000 may contain some form of asbestos-containing material.  These can be found in the form of sprayed coatings, cement water-tanks, tiles, water-pipes and cisterns, roofs, walls, panels, false-ceilings, flues, fire-blankets, decorative coatings, and insulation.  In the interests of health and safety, property owners have to manage and report the presence of asbestos in buildings so that the occupants are kept fully informed and aware.

For property owners in Chepstow, an asbestos survey is conducted by our fully qualified and trained technicians.  The survey is the legal and required way to identify and locate asbestos within your property. It is done to understand the type and quantity of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials present.  Surveys are carried out in a safe and competent manner by our fully trained and experienced staff. They will take samples where required, and then forward them to a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis.  The results of these form the basis for the provision of a full detailed comprehensive report which will detail all the findings from the survey, which will include an asbestos register.  This assists property-owners prepare an asbestos risk management plan which needs to be regularly updated and maintained carefully.  We would be more than happy to assist you with this too.

An asbestos survey in Chepstow is essential for the health and well-being of occupants of these buildings.  It is a common misconception that today our buildings are completely asbestos free.  However, asbestos containing materials were used extensively up to 1999 and one study shows that there were more than 3000 products used in the construction industry that contained asbestos in some form.  Since it was extensively used as fire-protection, asbestos may be present in various parts of the building.  If you need an asbestos survey, contact ACS. We will gladly assist in keeping you compliant with current legislation.