Asbestos Survey in Runcorn

Asbestos Survey in RuncornAn asbestos survey in Runcorn is a necessary procedure before the start of any demolition or renovation project. It is also recommended that you have an asbestos survey if you are planning smaller renovations such as plumbing or geyser replacements. Many older homes have pipes and geysers that contain asbestos in their insulation. It is extremely likely that if you live in an older house, there is asbestos present. Many older buildings constructed prior to the 2000’s contain asbestos. This is because asbestos was widely used in building materials.

However, there is no need to panic. In Runcorn, an asbestos survey can determine the presence of asbestos, the quantity, and the risk of its presence. While many homes and old buildings contain asbestos in their structure, they are perfectly habitable and risk-free. This, however, is only achieved by awareness and careful management of the asbestos-containing materials. We are experienced professionals with an extensive knowledge of all asbestos related matters, and can provide not only asbestos surveys, but advice, management guidelines, and any assistance you may need. We proudly guarantee comprehensive results, and we are committed to managing and controlling the exposure to asbestos.

An asbestos survey in Runcorn that we provide completed in accordance with the HSG264 guidance notes issued by the HSE. Contact ACS today to find out which asbestos survey is most suited to your needs.  We have a number of different asbestos surveys to meet your particular requirements. Our Management Asbestos Survey is best for individual homeowners. This is because it is designed to inform you about the quantity and condition of present asbestos, with instructions or recommendations on its proper management. We also offer a Refurbishment and Demolition Survey. This survey aims to identify and quantify only, before any removal works begin. At times, asbestos does need to be removed from a building to avoid severe health implications. An asbestos survey is essential in identifying the presence of asbestos before it becomes a threat. This should only be done by qualified, competent professionals. We are happy to provide a comprehensive survey report that leaves you with a clear understanding of your situation and how to manage any asbestos present.