Asbestos Survey in Garston

Asbestos Survey in GarstonWondering why an asbestos survey in Garston is so important? Asbestos is, contrary to popular belief, a naturally occurring mineral found in the ground.  During the 1950s, 60s and 70s, asbestos was considered a Wonder Material because of its properties. The properties of asbestos make it good thermal insulation, it is stable at high temperatures, it is also good electrical insulation, it does not degrade over time, and it is chemical resistant. It is easy to see why it was regarded as a wonder material for many applications.

As asbestos is often mixed with another material, it’s hard to know if you’re working with it or not. In Garston, an asbestos survey will determine the presence of the material in the building. If you are concerned about asbestos-containing material on your property, speak to ACS about a comprehensive asbestos survey. We are committed to educating businesses and home-owners on the dangers of asbestos.  We take a holistic approach to asbestos management and will tailor a solution to your situation.  The survey will establish if you have asbestos on your property.  It will identify exactly where the asbestos is, and it will indicate the condition of the asbestos.  If asbestos is undamaged and left undisturbed it does not pose a danger.  It is when it is damaged or needs to be moved, for example in a renovation, that tiny fibres can be released into the air.  These can be breathed in.  The fibres lodge themselves deep in the lung tissue and this can ultimately result in fatal diseases.

An asbestos survey in Garston is the first step in ensuring your building is safe, and that you comply with legislation. It is best to use the services of knowledgeable and experienced professionals when dealing with asbestos. Contact ACS today if you require more information about our available asbestos surveys. We will answer any questions you may have about the type of survey best suited to your needs.  Qualified in all areas of asbestos, and its management, we can provide the service and the certificates you need to ensure that your business makes the changes necessary to comply with existing legislation, and above all, for a safe environment for the occupants of your building.