Asbestos Survey in Wavertree

Asbestos Survey in WavertreeFor a professional asbestos survey in Wavertree, speak to the specialists, ACS. All owners and managers of buildings have, by law, to have a management plan to deal with the asbestos in their property. Asbestos was used up to 1999 in many places in buildings due to the many varied uses it had. Unfortunately it was discovered that this wonder material had a very dark side. If it was damaged and the asbestos fibres got into the air it was easily breathed into the lungs of people who disturbed the dust or worked in the building. The fibres are very sharp and cannot be removed once they have lodged in the lining of the lungs. This can cause irreparable damage to the lungs and can be fatal.

All work on buildings built before the year 2000, both domestic and commercial, must have a survey before the project can be started. In Wavertree, asbestos survey reports will find all the items containing this material and denote the condition of the asbestos and the places in which it can be found. This is to safeguard the workmen who will be carrying out the refurbishment project. There are strict laws and regulations pertaining to asbestos as it can cause life altering disease. We will also remove any asbestos that is deemed dangerous and dispose of it in the correct manner. Our workmen have special suits that are worn and breathing apparatus to ensure their safety.

We will conduct an asbestos survey in Wavertree for your company. Contact ACS today and arrange for one of our experienced team to visit your premises. Our surveys are for businesses and for companies or owners of properties that wish to refurbish or demolish a building. We conduct a cost effective and comprehensive survey which recommends the best course of action for your company. We also provide a large range of health and safety audits that identify possible points of weakness in your company’s practices. We make sure that you are covered and comply with all sections of the law necessary for your business.