Asbestos Survey in Liverpool

Asbestos Survey in LiverpoolIt’s crucial to have an asbestos survey in Liverpool to comply with current legislation and to keep your building, and its occupants, safe. ¬†Asbestos is a group of silicate minerals found in soil and rocks. It is flexible and resistant to heat, and this makes it ideal for insulating walls and attics. Asbestos may be all around us, especially in buildings constructed prior to the year 2000. It is however, a carcinogenic compound. The fibres of the mineral are so small that it can be inhaled unknowingly. Accumulation in the lung causes fatal diseases and cancers. Asbestos use in construction has been banned in most developed countries. Most countries have strict health and safety regulations against asbestos. At ACS, we assist property owners to ensure their property meets the required safety and regulations standards set for asbestos.

For property owners in Liverpool, asbestos survey reports are important and mandatory. Traces of asbestos have been found to exist within certain premises. Residents in such areas face the risk of exposure and possible health problems. Asbestos is used to coat hot water pipes and other fittings. Damage may occur to asbestos-containing installations and this can cause air contamination. We conduct standard surveys that detect the presence and extent of any suspected asbestos-containing materials. At ACS, we offer a full range of asbestos-related air testing and air monitoring services. Our team is fully equipped to conduct proper surveillance of any premises, no matter the size.

An asbestos survey in Liverpool is best done by professionals. Contact ACS today if you need more information about our asbestos surveys. Our professional team will ensure a comprehensive asbestos survey. We offer a range of different types of asbestos surveys to meet your particular needs. Our standard survey, the management survey, is suitable for the home owner, or smaller establishment. The purpose of this survey is to locate the presence and extent of any asbestos-containing materials in the building, and to assess their condition. Speak to our professionals to find out more about the asbestos survey best suited to your property.