Asbestos Survey in Waterloo

Asbestos Survey in WaterlooLooking for a reliable and professional company to carry out an asbestos survey in Waterloo? Asbestos was extensively used as an addition to building materials in the past due to its many beneficial properties. In fact, it was regarded as the ‘wonder building material.’ Unfortunately, the effects of exposure to asbestos and asbestos-containing materials wasn’t known. It is when that asbestos is moved or damaged that it releases tiny fibres. Once these fibres are inhaled, they cause irreparable damage, including cancers and asbestosis. Many buildings constructed prior to 2000 have asbestos within their structures.  It is now a legal requirement that all older buildings are surveyed to determine the amount of asbestos, its location and its condition.

At ACS, our main goal is carrying out surveys and ensuring any asbestos present is dealt with in a manner that is safe for all. For property owners in Waterloo, an asbestos survey is the first step in the right direction for controlling it. If you own an older building, or are planning on renovations or demolition, speak to us. We have a team of professional surveyors who will visit the site, take a sample, do the analysis in the lab and will get back with you with results. If there is anything serious, they will provide you with the correct course of action to take and will show how best to secure the asbestos, as loose asbestos can be quite fatal to those who breathe it in. We can manage asbestos from the beginning until the end, so rest assured that the team at ACS are trained and professional.

As asbestos survey in Waterloo is best completed by a team of experienced professionals. Should you require our comprehensive and cost-effective services, please contact ACS. The surveys that we provide are cost effective, and will ensure that your property complies with all Health and Governmental regulations.  We offer a range of different types of asbestos surveys, each designed to meet the particular needs of our clients. From our management survey, to our refurb demolition survey, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of professionals.