Asbestos Survey in Sefton

Asbestos Survey in SeftonAn asbestos survey in Sefton is vitally important, particularly if you are the owner of an older building.  It is also a requirement of law. Although once considered a beneficial material to use for construction, studies have shown that asbestos is in fact dangerous and can cause long-term ailments that may not be detectable until it’s too late.  It is not easy to detect exactly how much asbestos is present in your home or business premises and it is not advisable to check for it on your own. As a result of the dangers exposure to asbestos can cause, it is best to contact professional surveyors for services and advice on what to do. You can find such professionals at ACS.

Many buildings in the UK that were built before the new millennium are more than likely to have presence of asbestos. In Sefton, an asbestos survey can help determine the amount that is present and advise you on the way forward. We can provide a thorough, easy to understand asbestos survey. Although considered harmless when left undisturbed, it can be a great threat when damaged. This is a result of its fibres becoming airborne where they can be inhaled. Our professional and skilled team at ACS is able to see you through your asbestos project to the very end, keeping you informed at every stage for peace of mind. Some services that are included in our packages include air monitoring, which we will recommend if necessary. We also offer asbestos training and inform you all about this material, from how to work with it to the risks it poses.

Ensure the safety of the occupants of  your building and speak to the professionals about an asbestos survey in Sefton. For more information on how we can assist you, do not hesitate to contact ACS today. We will ensure to give you all necessary information so that you are aware of what you are working with, including the relevant health and safety risks. You will not pay for more than what you need. Our surveyors will provide a detailed and inclusive survey with additional recommendations on the best course of action.