Asbestos Survey in Middleton

Asbestos Survey in MiddletonThere are a number of reasons to have an asbestos survey in Middleton. All businesses need to have an asbestos management survey for the protection of their employees and the public. Any building undergoing refurbishment or demolition need a survey to identify what asbestos is present in the property. This is a legal requirement and is needed by the construction company for the safety of their workers. Many buildings constructed before 1999 were built with materials containing asbestos or it was used internally for insulation purposes in walls, ceilings, boilers and pipes. It was considered to be a wonder material in the early days due to its heat resistant and insulating properties.

Breathing in asbestos fibres can be deadly and once lodged in the lining of the lungs they are impossible to remove. In Middleton, asbestos survey teams are expert at finding and checking the condition of the asbestos. In many cases it is considered safer to leave the asbestos in situ and keep a close eye on the condition. If it is intact with no damage the fibres are sealed into the material. Only when the material is damaged or wears with age can the fibres be released into the air. With a management plan in place it becomes easy to notify an experienced company to remove or encapsulate the material.

We conduct a comprehensive asbestos survey in Middleton as required by law. Contact ACS today and one of our team will visit your premises to discuss your requirements. We help businesses manage every aspect of their health and safety policy with a specialisation in asbestos management. We cover the whole of the UK from our eight offices across the country. Site audits are designed to forewarn you of problems where you may not be complying with regulations. This can help you to minimise risks and save significant costs at a later date. The audit includes environmental assessment, waste disposal and compliance and is carried out by a team of scientific and engineering professionals.