Asbestos Survey in Bury

Asbestos Survey in BuryDuty holders, such as owners, building managers, and landlords have a responsibility to carry out an asbestos survey in Bury. Asbestos is a category one carcinogen that can cause fatalities if not dealt with in a manner that is considered safe and secured. With buildings that are quite old, one should presume that asbestos is present and duty holders are required by law to take the necessary steps to determine the location of the materials most likely to contain the lethal substance, assess and monitor the level of asbestos that is present, and find necessary measures to be taken to manage the risk.

One should not underestimate the importance of a survey. In Bury, an asbestos survey is required if the duty holder is planning on a refurbishment or demolition project. One has to presume that there is asbestos present and, in such cases, should get in touch with a professional company such as ACS to carry out a professional and efficient survey. The survey will determine the type and content level of asbestos present. From there, the person in charge can decide the actions to be taken. The asbestos surveying company will provide you with recommendations. We’d like to highlight that our team has the necessary training and expertise to deal with asbestos. They have the equipment and knowledge to successfully manage or remove asbestos from a building and dispose of it. The aim of a survey is to locate all the asbestos that is present in a building. The survey may be aggressive in some cases, and carpets, ceilings, tiles, claddings, partitions and so on will have to be removed. Generally, surveys will have to be carried out in unoccupied spaces, and if they are occupied, necessary measures will have to be taken to prevent the release of asbestos in the atmosphere.

At ACS, we would be pleased to assist you with a quick and efficient asbestos survey in Bury. Should you be interested in training for your own team to prepare them if they ever come in contact with asbestos, please feel to contact us, and we will make the necessary arrangements. We also provide Health and Safety training to ensure that your business is compliant with legislation.