Asbestos Survey in Stretford

Asbestos Survey in StretfordIt’s essential to get a complete asbestos survey in Stretford if you live or work in an older building. At ACS, we help you locate, identify, quantify and manage asbestos, while ensuring that you’re in compliance with all health and safety regulations. We have a wealth of experience regarding all aspects of asbestos procedures. Whether you’re a residential or commercial building-owner, getting information about and control over asbestos or asbestos-containing material on your premises is vital. We help in all aspects of asbestos, including demolition and refurbishing surveys, asbestos management and removal. Our client base extends throughout Bristol, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Halifax, Leeds, Newcastle and beyond. We design bespoke solutions to suit your needs, preferences and budget.

Most home-owners and commercial building owners are surprised to learn how much asbestos their buildings contain. Studies show that nearly 70% of homes in the UK feature some form of asbestos. In Stretford, asbestos survey companies help to accurately pinpoint these asbestos locations. It is most often found in false ceilings, walls and partitions, thermal/acoustic insulation, cement roofing, ceiling tiles, soffit boards, flue pipes and chimneys, decorative coating like Artex, thermo-plastic floor tiling, electrical fuse-boards, switch-gear, toilet cisterns, and water-tanks. Apart from asbestos itself, asbestos containing materials like fire-proof paints are also potentially hazardous. The important aspect is to know exactly where and in what condition asbestos is. If left undisturbed, it is not harmful. However, with age, wear and tear, the fibres get loosened and float into the atmosphere and into our lungs. Here it can cause a variety of conditions, including lung and respiratory problems, cancers like mesothelioma, asbestosis, as well as allergies.

If you’re planning improvements, demolitions, refurbishments or renovations, extensions or new builds, a thorough asbestos survey in Stretford should be undertaken. Should you need an asbestos survey, contact ACS today. You need a competent, experienced, qualified, trained and licensed surveyor. He may be an independent professional or employed by a reputed company. Removal of asbestos is controlled strictly by the UK Health and Safety executives. It’s certainly not a DIY job and must be undertaken only by the right people. The survey report ensures your safety and enhances your property value.