Asbestos Survey in Prestwich

Asbestos Survey in PrestwichThere are a number of reasons to have an asbestos survey in Prestwich. Firstly as the landlord, tenant or managing agent of a building you may be responsible for managing any asbestos there may be in the building. Secondly you could face a large fine or imprisonment for failure to have a plan to deal with asbestos and put it in action. Owners of derelict or vacant premises are not exempt from this and also need an asbestos survey. Anyone considering any renovations to a building needs to have a survey to determine what asbestos is present and what condition the material is in. We can supply all the necessary details on what is required from you by law and how to go about complying with the rules and regulations.

Asbestos has been used in the home and in industry since the 1930’s. In Prestwich, asbestos survey is a legal requirement to safeguard anyone using a building that may have asbestos in it. The uses of asbestos are numerous and some are quite surprising.  Steam pipes and boilers were insulated with asbestos, resilient floor tiles and vinyl floor sheeting were sometimes made with asbestos. Cement sheeting and millboard around furnaces and wood burning stoves would possibly have asbestos in them. Door gaskets on wood and coal stoves as well as soundproofing material was made with asbestos. Artificial ashes and embers in gas fireplaces, stove top pads, ironing board covers, fireproof gloves and roofing shingles and siding were all made with some asbestos content.

As an experienced and highly qualified specialist we conduct asbestos surveys in Prestwich and all around the UK. We work closely with fully qualified asbestos removal organisations that remove asbestos that has become damaged. Contact ACS today and arrange for one of our experts to visit your premises to undertake a comprehensive survey. We have a wealth of experience in testing and managing any asbestos found on your premises. Our highly qualified asbestos surveyors will provide a cost effective survey with recommendations on the best course of action.