Asbestos Survey in Clifton

Asbestos Survey in CliftonBefore you start any sorts of demolition or refurbishment project, get an asbestos survey in Clifton if the building you are working on is of the last century. Asbestos is quite common in buildings that have been built before the 1970s, and it is a lethal element that will destroy your health if you are exposed to it. To make sure that any inhabitants or people who live and work in the surrounding areas are properly protected, it’s highly recommended, if not compulsory, to get an asbestos survey carried out by the professionals in the industry.

Under any circumstances, you shouldn’t proceed with the project unless it’s been confirmed by the surveyors that it’s safe to. In Clifton, an asbestos survey will provide you with vital information regarding the presence of asbestos, the seriousness of the issue and the surveyors will also provide you with a recommended course of action and a quote. We wish to remind everyone that an asbestos survey may be deemed compulsory if there are people who might be affected. Furthermore, if asbestos is present in the walls or ceilings, the best course of action would be to secure it or remove it, and again, it’s always best left to the professionals. Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to ensure an asbestos survey in accordance to the HSE. If you own a business, we can help manage various aspects of health and safety policies, with emphasis on asbestos management. Also, we can provide your businesses with certificates and documents that are necessary to comply with both new and existing legislation.

For different types of asbestos services, including an asbestos survey in Clifton, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professionals. We offer a comprehensive list of services and will happily train your staff members to assist in understanding safety rules regarding asbestos. For more details about our asbestos survey, contact ACS today. Ensure that you meet the required legislation with a comprehensive asbestos survey from ACS.