Asbestos Survey in Goole

Asbestos Survey in GooleA professional asbestos survey in Goole keeps building occupants, visitors and workers safe. At ACS we help businesses and individuals to comply with current health and asbestos safety regulations. This gives everyone on the premises a feeling of confidence and security and also protects building owners from possible liability and legal action.  It was once a popular building material and used in a variety of applications. In older buildings, asbestos may be present in construction, walls, partitions, water cisterns, paints, fire-resistant coatings, false ceilings, floors, insulation, and spray-on coatings. All these were put in before the health hazards of asbestos became known. When it is in good condition, it generally poses no harm. However, due to aging, wear and tear or damage, the fibres work loose and enter the atmosphere. They make their way into our respiratory-systems, causing a variety of conditions like asbestosis, lung cancer, mesothelioma, allergies and chronic conditions.

For business owners in Goole, asbestos surveys help you locate, identify, evaluate and manage asbestos on your premises. These surveys help you to monitor how much asbestos is present and in what condition it is. Apart from asbestos itself, there may be many asbestos containing materials like paints, and composite construction material. Whenever you’re planning to renovate, repair or refurbish the building, it’s important to provide workers and others involved with accurate information about asbestos on the property. Asbestos was  banned in the UK in 1985, though some forms were still being allowed. In  1992, the so-called less lethal varieties were also banned. Apart from the construction industry, the ship building industry is another highly vulnerable sector.

During the World War II era, asbestos was extensively used in buildings and ships; today, our asbestos survey in Goole helps to identify and monitor these locations closely.  Most people who contract mesothelioma are older adults and this includes a larger number of men. Other high-risk occupations include HVAC engineers, demolition crews, roofing professionals, plumbers, painters, electricians, and plasterers. Those who work in older buildings like schools and factories may also be at risk. For more information about our services, contact ACS. We have many decades’ experience in dealing with the environmental and health problems caused by asbestos.