Asbestos Survey in Scunthorpe

Asbestos Survey in ScunthorpeBuilding owners and managers need to have an asbestos survey in Scunthorpe if the building they are in was built before 1999. Before this time most buildings had asbestos used in the construction or furnishing. Although there may be no asbestos in the air there is always the danger of damage to sections containing asbestos. A survey will identify all the asbestos in the building and will also record the state of the material. If you are planning on renovating a building you will need a survey to identify asbestos for the construction crew. This is mandatory for all refurbishment of buildings to ensure the worker’s safety.

We have a wealth of experience in helping the commercial and industrial sector comply with health and safety standards. In Scunthorpe, asbestos survey and testing is carried out by our fully trained professional asbestos experts who will make sure that your premises and workers are protected from asbestos fibres. Once these get into the air they can be inhaled and can cause severe and irreparable damage to lungs. As a manager or owner of a property you can be held responsible and could be liable for damages. We also remove asbestos that has been damaged or needs to be taken out of a building prior to refurbishment. This is a delicate process and our team are fully kitted out in protective clothing and respirators.

We help businesses to comply with health and safety regulations by conducting an asbestos survey in Scunthorpe. Contact ACS today to book an appointment for one of our expert team to visit your property and advise you on the correct steps to take. We conduct surveys and then issue various reports. A management report is essential to identify possible problem areas and a refurbishment or demolition report has to be carried out before any work can begin on the project. One of the most serious issues facing business today is lack of knowledge and there are many areas of potential danger for your business and the environment.  We help you identify the problems and offer various solutions which can save you money in the long term.