Asbestos Survey in Whitby

Asbestos Survey in WhitbyGetting an asbestos survey in Whitby before you buy, sell, lease or tear down a property is the best way to avoid possible future grief. Public buildings are required by law to have an asbestos survey on file and if asbestos is present you’ll need a written management plan as well. When you sell your house, if you’ve never had an asbestos survey performed do it now because a buyer is going to ask to see it and so will an estate agent. If it’s a private sale and the buyer finds asbestos after purchase you could be held accountable. If you’re the buyer, ask the seller to provide a recent survey. People moving into homes and flats have a right to expect a dwelling free of deadly environmental fibres.

We at ACS are highly experienced and trained in dealing with asbestos and other environmental hazards. When you hire us in Whitby, asbestos survey is only one of the services we are certified to undertake. If a survey shows asbestos that need removal, we are trained and equipped to do that. As a licensed hazardous waste disposal company, we have access to designated disposal sites. When asbestos is present on a public site but contained so as not to be a health threat, you need a designated person to manage the oversite. We can prepare a management plan for you and train your designated person to perform regular checks for changes in conditions.

When you call ACS for an asbestos survey in Whitby, we are prepared to take any necessary follow-up steps presented with our findings. Contact ACS for an asbestos survey of your premises and know whatever the results we can make it right. Our team can often safely remove asbestos without evacuating the whole building. When the job is a tear-down buildings the survey is more invasive.  All of the asbestos, if any, must come out before the building comes down. We have eight locations to serve you so expect quick service that is efficient and competitively priced. Buildings likely to contain asbestos were built before 2000. Our goal is to work our way out of a job and ensure the public safety one building at a time.