Asbestos Survey in Fleetwood

Asbestos Survey in FleetwoodIt’s crucial to have an asbestos survey in Fleetwood done if you suspect you have the lethal element present in your building. Asbestos has detrimental effects your health, as well as the occupants of your building if they are exposed to it. Asbestos has been widely used in the last century. It’s not uncommon to still have asbestos present in many buildings built prior to 1980. It can be found in old floor tiles, ceiling, insulation, fireplaces and many other unsuspecting areas. Homeowners and property managers should proceed with caution if they are planning to renovate the building. To make sure that asbestos is not exposed by accident, get ACS to assist you with a professional survey.

During the survey, our team will search and detect areas that contain asbestos, they will carry out a simple test to figure out what type and how much is present. In Fleetwood, an asbestos survey is both a legal and a precautionary measure that should be not overlooked. In the years before it was discovered that asbestos was lethal, it claimed thousands of innocent lives. Asbestos becomes a hazard when it becomes airborne. A simple repair work that you undertake on the building can have disastrous results. Get in touch with our asbestos experts, as not only are they able to provide you with a detailed survey report, but they are fully able to recommend highly reliable and professional organisations to remove asbestos, secure and dispose of them in a manner that is safe. If you have asbestos present on the premises, we can provide you with the necessary course of actions to better manage asbestos and be fully compliant with the law.

For a comprehensive asbestos survey in Fleetwood, speak to our experts today. We cannot stop emphasising how important it is to secure asbestos on any property. We have a wealth of experience in finding asbestos, testing it, securing it and removing it. For any further information about our asbestos surveys, contact ACS. It is your legal responsibility to ensure your building is safe and any asbestos-containing materials are managed.