Asbestos Survey in Ingleton

Asbestos Survey in IngletonHere’s why you might need an asbestos survey in Ingleton. This natural occurring material has been mined and used for over 4000 years. Asbestos refers to a group of six minerals, which all have properties such as heat resistance and are chemically inert. These properties make them the ideal material to use in the construction of offices and homes and its use peaked in earlier years. This is why it is common to find buildings with asbestos even today. Although not an issue when left undisturbed, exposure to the fine fibres can lead to a range of health problems with the most common being mesothelioma; a type of cancer that affects the outer lining of the lungs. People who work with asbestos products such as miners and plumbers are more at risk of exposure but it can also affect the general public.

It is important to let professionals such handle any removal or management of asbestos. In Ingleton, an asbestos survey is available for both the commercial and industrial sectors. Our surveyors will provide a cost effective and comprehensive survey upon request. Additionally, we’ll provide recommendations on the best course of action to take in order to save you from the effects of inhaling these fine fibres. We want to make you aware of the potential harm of handling asbestos. We will not hesitate to inform you about everything you need to know; knowledge is power after all. As all businesses are different, we tailor our services to your requirements and assess the various dangers.

With an asbestos survey in Ingleton, you will have taken the first step in ensuring your safety when it comes to your health and those around you. Contact ACS for a comprehensive service and for solutions that are bound to benefit you. Should you need asbestos removal, we’ll be happy to recommend a professional removal company. We will inform you every step of the way of your asbestos survey. Our asbestos survey will ensure that you comply with current legislation regarding the management of asbestos within your building.