Asbestos Survey in Northwich

Asbestos Survey in NorthwichYou need to conduct an asbestos survey in Northwich if you are going to be doing renovations or extensive alterations to your property if it is an older building. Many of them contain asbestos as it was seen as a wonder material for many years and our inspectors at ACS are trained to find it no matter where it is hiding. Asbestos was being mined as early as 4000 years ago, yet it was only in the 19th century that production ramped up at a staggering pace. Asbestos was put into everything from building materials to roof tile adhesives. It was even used in cigarette filters at one stage. Little did the Victorians know that they were posing a massive health risk to the general public because there is no safe amount of asbestos particulate.

This is why if you are going to be doing any work on an old building in Northwich, asbestos survey companies, like ACS, need to be brought in to do a thorough inspection of every aspect of the property. As asbestos is only dangerous when airborne, any material that is undamaged and is unlikely to be damaged in the future can remain in place. If there is even a remote possibility that the asbestos will be disturbed in the future, our inspector at ACS will flag it as a hazard and recommend that you have it professionally removed by our expert removal team. All of our departments work cohesively and will ensure the threat is identified, neutralised and disposed of within the regulations set out by the Health and Safety Executive.

An asbestos survey in Northwich consists of a visual inspection of the building and gaining access to every part of it. Ceiling cavities, loft spaces, crawl spaces and even under carpets are all surveyed and if asbestos is suspected to be present, a small piece of that material is safely removed by one of our highly trained surveyors and is sent off for testing. If you think you might have asbestos present on your property, contact us and we can arrange a survey. Don’t wait until it is too late to deal with your asbestos problem, let our friendly team at ACS help you get asbestos free.