Asbestos Survey in Stoke

Asbestos Survey in StokeIt’s important to get an asbestos survey in Stoke if you are planning to carry out refurbishment or a demolition project on a building that is much older than the 1990s. Older homes that were built in the 1900s will contain elements of asbestos, which, as it was tragically found much later, is lethal and dangerous to human health. Therefore, if you are about to undertake any sorts of work on the property, it’s crucial to get in touch with professionals in the field who will carry out an in-depth survey to find out the existence of asbestos, their locations and type.

We will advise on the most suitable type of asbestos survey, and rest assured, every survey that is carried out will be to the set standards. In Stoke, an asbestos survey should be carried out before any demotion work is undertaken or refurbishment. This is to prevent accidental exposure to asbestos and prevent further damages to the health of the workers or inhabitants. You will be informed of every progress that we make, and should we find it important to advise you on the correct way to proceed, our staff members will not hesitate to pass on crucial information to you. Please note that we also provide a full range of asbestos-related air testing and monitoring services, and we will recommend these wherever necessary. At ACS, we specialise in various aspects of asbestos, including survey, management, reports, identification, removal and disposal. On top of that, should companies in construction or decorating need to train their staff regarding basic handling of asbestos, we have relevant courses available to better prepare your employees.

At ACS, we are committed to providing our clients with detailed reports and an accurate asbestos survey in Stoke. Asbestos has already claimed the health and life of so many people, our aim is to reduce this number and make sure that everyone is safe. For more details about our asbestos surveys, contact ACS today. Whatever your needs, we will tailor our services and make sure that you understand all the relevant information and safety risks.