Asbestos Survey in Stourbridge

Asbestos Survey in StourbridgeEnsure that occupants of your building are safe with a top-quality asbestos survey in Stourbridge. At ACS, our highly trained, insured and competent team can help you to locate, identify, quantify and manage asbestos or asbestos-containing materials on your property. We help you stay in compliance with current health and safety regulations so that your liability and reputation are protected. A detailed survey is required not just to locate the areas where asbestos is present, but also to determine its state and give an assessment of the risk level. These surveys are of immense value if you are conducting repairs, renovations or refurbishment to the building. If you’re planning to demolish it, safe and prompt disposal of hazardous material is vital.

There are three important ways in which you can deal with asbestos or asbestos-containing materials on your premises. In Stourbridge, asbestos surveys conducted by our professional technicians can help you to identify and mark the areas where asbestos is present and ensure that they are left alone. All persons who work in the building and visitors have to be kept informed about this situation. This condition is possible if the asbestos is in a good state. If left undisturbed and if it’s not damaged, asbestos poses little risk. However, with age, wear and tear, the microfibres escape into the atmosphere and enter our respiratory system, causing a variety of fatal diseases like lung cancer and mesothelioma. Building owners can also encapsulate the asbestos, which means they can cover it with a sealant, paint it and reseal again, and then cover with other building materials. This is a cheaper option but could be a deterrent if you plan to lease, rent or sell the building. There are no guarantees that this method will prevent all further exposure.

Along with a detailed asbestos survey in Stourbridge, we can also give you the right advice and assistance. Contact ACS today for more information about our asbestos surveys. If you’re planning to do large-scale renovation, rent, lease or sell the property, a complete removal is the best solution. Though this is an expensive and time-consuming option, it’s a permanent solution to the problem.