Asbestos Survey in Aylesbury

Asbestos Survey in AylesburyWe’ll undertake an asbestos survey in Aylesbury for management purposes and also for demolition and refurbishment. The management survey as required by health and safety standards is not invasive. That is, we don’t look for asbestos that is inside walls or between floors. Anyplace that is not accessible we leave alone because it does not present a danger. Even accessible asbestos found as insulation or pipe wraps we leave alone if it’s contained because there is no threat of loose fibres. Loose fibres of asbestos are where the danger is. They are invisible when floating through the air and so tiny they are easily inhaled. If they get embedded in a human lung, the result could be a deadly disease called mesothelioma. The affected person may not know the disease has gotten a foothold because it may take many years to make itself known. There is no cure.

Our management survey will reveal the location of all accessible asbestos and its condition. If, in Aylesbury, an asbestos survey on your property shows asbestos that is not contained, we will recommend it’s removal. If there is no threat we will recommend a management programme for keeping account of the condition of the asbestos moving forward. This management is required for all public buildings. You will need a demolition survey if there is a plan to take down the whole building. If we find it throughout the building, it has to be removed before the building can be demolished.

If you’re planning to remodel, a demo asbestos survey in Aylesbury is needed. The survey would involve only the section being remodelled and asbestos, if any, would be removed from just that section. For the safety of building occupants, the rest of the building will be sealed off from the work section. We have fully trained, equipped and experienced teams to carry out all asbestos projects. Contact ACS for an asbestos survey, either management, demo or refurbishment. If it’s necessary to remove asbestos from the premises we are fully prepared to carry out the process safely and complete the task with safe disposal. While most of the asbestos still inside our buildings is now contained and there is no immediate need for remediation, it’s a temporary situation. At some point in time, it will have to be addressed.