Asbestos Survey in Luton

Asbestos Survey in LutonIf you’re thinking about getting an asbestos survey in Luton, make sure you partner with the specialists. Whether you’re a landlord or building owner of a residential, industrial or commercial property, you have a duty to ensure that all occupants and visitors remain safe on the premises. We’re at the forefront of helping individuals and businesses to stay in compliance with the latest health and safety regulations. Our team of highly trained, experienced professionals can take the burden off your shoulders and ensure that you get the right advice and assistance. We adopt a holistic approach to health and safety, especially when it comes to technicians and workers who have to undertake work in buildings constructed before 2000. We provide comprehensive, affordable packages that give you just the relevant, necessary training and services you need.

For property owners in Luton, asbestos surveys provided by us address the risks and challenges posed in the field of construction, renovation, building repairs and refurbishment or demolition. The major types of surveys provided include asbestos management survey, refurbishment survey, re-inspection and soil management surveys. All these surveys are designed to identify, locate and assess the quality and quantity of asbestos on your premises. The final survey report also outlines possible remedial options and suggestions for removal, management or treatment. Though there is no strict legal requirement for any building in the UK to undertake surveys, there are obligations to locate or presume the location of asbestos on the premises, document the location and condition of the asbestos, asses the risk, create and implement a risk management plan, update the plan regularly and ensure that all those who may disturb or work in the area containing asbestos have access to the complete information.

Asbestos surveys in Luton can help you gauge the situation correctly and take the necessary action. For more details about our asbestos surveys, contact ACS. Asbestos or asbestos-containing materials don’t have to be removed immediately as soon as they’re identified/located. If they’re in good condition, they can be managed in situ. If you have extensive amounts of asbestos on your premises, your staff and other occupants must undergo training and awareness programmes.