Asbestos Survey in Kettering

Asbestos Survey in KetteringEvery once in a while, you’ll hear talk about running an asbestos survey in Kettering. You might already know asbestos is bad for your health, but beyond that, you may not understand why it’s such a big deal. Here’s the thing: asbestos offers a lot of construction benefits. It’s resistant to fire, so it was frequently added to cement and plaster, keeping your home or building safe from accidental fires (or less inadvertent arson attempts). It’s also a poor heat conductor, so it was valued for its insulation properties. Because it gains and loses heat slowly, it can retain the heat inside your house, preventing it from escaping into the chilly outdoors. At the same time, it keeps the cold air out, so you spend less on heating.

While doing a property assessment in Kettering, an asbestos survey is key. Asbestos is frequently found in boilers and electrical appliances. This is because apart from insulating heat, asbestos can also insulate electricity. And while secure asbestos isn’t a problem, loose asbestos fibres can get into your lungs or even your skin, causing all sorts of grief. That’s why in 2004, the government-mandated building occupiers, making them responsible for asbestos management. But you can’t tell what steps are needed until you identify the extent of your asbestos troubles. ACS can help you with that, and we have two main ‘packages’, so to speak.

You could book a management asbestos survey in Kettering. This is the most common option, and we recommend it for routine purposes. We’ll identify the places in your building that contain asbestos, and what condition that asbestos is in. We can then advise you on the best, most affordable solution. Alternatively, you could request a refurbishment/demolition survey. These mostly come from buildings that are already confirmed for destruction. In which case, our survey is more hands-on and may involve taking apart building components to discover asbestos deposits. If you need more information about our asbestos surveys, contact us today. We’re not checking how bad things are, we’re just spotting the sources of asbestos so the demolition crew can pay special attention to those areas.