Asbestos Survey in Milton Keynes

Asbestos Survey in Milton KeynesAn asbestos survey in Milton Keynes is necessary. The average tenant doesn’t know much about asbestos and its dangers. They’ve probably heard scary stories, like how asbestos can cause cancer. Or maybe they’ve read articles about asbestos use in firefighter uniforms and fire-safety blankets. So while we all have a vague idea that asbestos is bad, that’s the limit of our knowledge. For most people, that’s sufficient. But for a building manager, a little more information is required. Why? Because according to British law, you’re responsible for the management of asbestos within your space. So if anyone falls sick or suffers from exposure, the blame will land solidly on your head.

This may not seem fair. After all, in Milton Keynes, asbestos survey staff are always busy – there are so many pre-2000 buildings that are almost guaranteed to contain asbestos. And twenty years on, a lot of that asbestos is roaming free, thanks to natural deterioration. So it seems unjust to be vilified for the passing of time. Unfortunately, that’s what the law says, and it’s in your best interests to ensure legislation is followed. Your first step – which you should routinely repeat – is to order a management survey.

This kind of management asbestos survey in Milton Keynes has three goals. One, you want to spot the exact locations of asbestos in the building. Two, you want to know the state of said asbestos. Is it intact? Has it started ‘leaking’? How much of it is floating through the air? The third goal is to find solutions based on what your asbestos levels are. In some instances, it’s as simple as labelling the asbestos spot. The sign advises you (the building manager) to keep an eye out, checking to see if the asbestos-laced insulation has frayed any further, at which point it may need to be removed and replaced. Other times, management means sealing off the space completely, to keep people safe from accidental exposure. For more information about an asbestos survey for your building, contact ACS. It’s a thorough, professional evaluation of your building’s asbestos situation.