Asbestos Survey in Chelmsford

Asbestos Survey in ChelmsfordAn asbestos survey in Chelmsford can benefit your home or office. This is particularly true if your building is an old building. Asbestos is still found in many older homes and commercial buildings throughout the UK. It was a widely used material in building and electrical insulation in the 1930s until the 1970s due to its ability to fire resistance and durability. The use of asbestos became phased out and heavily restricted from the 1980s because it was determined that asbestos is highly dangerous to human health. Asbestos-containing materials can become airborne and inhaled leading a whole host of diseases and illnesses, including cancer. As a result, many local, state and federal regulations have been put into place regarding the monitoring, removal and surveying of asbestos-containing materials.

For homes and companies based in Chelmsford, asbestos survey services are available from ACS. From our location in Leeds, we’ve helped many businesses meet their compliance requirements with regards to the management of asbestos on their premises. This is a legal necessity. Our qualified and experienced asbestos surveyors can conduct comprehensive and cost-effective asbestos surveys. This will help us determine the best course of action for any asbestos-containing materials on your premises. If it is deemed that the asbestos needs to be removed, our asbestos management and removal teams are available to safely remove and dispose of this hazardous waste. At ACS, we’re often asked why asbestos surveys are needed. Apart from being a legal requirement, visual identification isn’t sufficient to identify the absence or presence of asbestos in your building. Our survey process includes taking samples and conducting laboratory testing of the materials obtained from your commercial space. If we do find asbestos on the premises and it’s in good condition, we’ll seal it off to manage it better.

Protect your employees’ health with an asbestos survey in Chelmsford. To find out more about our asbestos surveys, contact ACS today. Whether you’re the owner of the building or a potential buyer, you need to be aware whether your investment contains asbestos and if so, how to manage and or safely remove it. We also provide refurb demolition and management surveys, as well as guidance for asbestos management.