An Asbestos Survey in Grimsby to Meet Your Needs

Asbestos Survey in Grimsby Speak to ACS if you need an asbestos survey in Grimsby. This will be necessary if you are planning any renovations on your building, and it is mandatory if you own an older building. The reasoning behind this is that as asbestos was used in many building materials, many buildings have asbestos containing materials within the building structure. When the dangers of asbestos were discovered, any use of building materials containing asbestos was subsequently prohibited.  However, many older buildings still contain some form of asbestos and this needs to be managed in order to ensure the potential health risk posed to the occupants when it is disturbed is minimised.

Only professionals with the experience and skill to handle asbestos effectively should conduct, in Grimsby, an asbestos survey. We have a highly qualified and experienced team who perform comprehensive and thorough asbestos surveys. Our service will include, along with the survey, a report on the survey’s findings, guidelines and advice on how to manage the presence of asbestos, and any support or assistance you may need. Asbestos is made of tiny fibres.  The danger lies in when asbestos or asbestos-containing materials are damaged or old. When broken or disturbed, it releases its fibres into the air.  As they are microscopic, they are unseen and can be inhaled by unsuspecting people working in the vicinity. The fibres are lodged in the lungs, causing inflammation.   This can then cause diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.  An asbestos survey will determine the condition of the asbestos in your building and indicate if there is any need for concern.

Meet your responsibilities as the owner of a building with an asbestos survey in Grimsby. Contact ACS today and we can assist you with an asbestos survey. All the surveys we provide are conducted in accordance with the HSG264 guidance notes issued by the HSE. Speak to us for guidance on which is the most appropriate asbestos survey for your needs. We will complete a comprehensive survey report that provides you with a clear understanding of your situation and how to manage any asbestos present.