Skilled and Experienced Team for an Asbestos Survey in Malton

Asbestos Survey in MaltonWhy would you need an asbestos survey in Malton if you are planning on demolishing your old building? After all, once the building has been dismantled, there should be nothing left. However, when you are planning on demolishing a building, an asbestos survey becomes all the more necessary. This is because that your building most likely has asbestos-containing building materials, especially if it was built before the 1990s. The asbestos present will be disturbed and damaged. This means that its tiny fibres will become airborne and could be inhaled by the workers doing the destruction job. This is when it becomes problematic as these fibres can become lodged in the stomach lining and lungs, which then result in incurable diseases.

Speak to a professional company when you are planning the demolition of a building. In Malton, an asbestos survey needs to be conducted to assess the location of any asbestos containing materials within a building. The last thing you need is to endanger the lives of the construction crew with asbestos related diseases. We are happy to provide a refurb demolition survey for your old building. As experienced professionals, we have the skills, qualifications and knowledge to provide an expert asbestos survey. All our surveys conform to the guidelines as set out by the HSE. The survey that we suggest for your building will involve destructive inspection, as it is deemed necessary in order to gain access to all areas. A fully intrusive survey, it does not assess the condition of the asbestos, other than to locate and record areas of damage or where additional asbestos debris could possibly be found.

An asbestos survey in Malton is a requirement and a moral obligation. If you need an expert team of surveyors for your building’s asbestos survey, contact ACS today. Our team has a wealth of experience in managing your expectations. They will provide a comprehensive and cost effective asbestos survey with additional recommendations on the best course of action. We can assist you with staying compliant and managing the asbestos responsibly.