Stay Compliant with a Professionally Done Asbestos Survey in Scarborough

Asbestos Survey in ScarboroughNot only will an asbestos survey in Scarborough mean that you are legally compliant, but it can also save lives. Asbestos was widely used as a ‘wonder’ building material additive. With its many good qualities it was added to almost every aspect of construction. Understandably its popularity grew, and most buildings were constructed using asbestos-containing building materials. It was used in cisterns, roofs, ceilings and many other areas within a building. The dangers of asbestos became known and its use was banned. However, as it was so widely used, many buildings, particularly older buildings, still contain asbestos in some form or another.

When asbestos is disturbed or damaged, it releases microscopic fibres which are inhaled by unsuspecting workers. In Scarborough, as asbestos survey is imperative to ensure the safety of those within the building. This is why you can rely on our expert team. We will conduct a comprehensive asbestos survey to indicate the location of the asbestos in your building. The survey will also assist in the asbestos management plan, so you are aware how best to handle the asbestos present on your property. Your employees need to be aware of what to do as well, especially those who maintain the building. Our surveyors are qualified in their trade and have many years of experience in conducting asbestos surveys.

An asbestos survey in Scarborough is the first step in managing your employees’ safety. All our surveys are conducted with utmost professionalism, care and experience. The surveys adhere to the HSG264 industry standard as laid down by the HSE. Our prices are affordable and we are proud of the dedication and expertise of our skilled team. If you need an asbestos survey for your property, contact ACS right away. You can rely on our team as our highly experienced and qualified staff are available to provide useful advice on all asbestos related concerns. They can also help you choose the right course of action for your business. There is no point in taking chances. Use the services of a professional company for an expert asbestos survey for your building.