An Asbestos Survey in Bristol: the First Step to a Safe Building

asbestos survey in BristolAn asbestos survey in Bristol is the first step in ensuring that your older building is safe for occupancy. Most old buildings have some form of asbestos-containing materials. This is a result of the extensive use of asbestos as an additive to building materials. It was regarded as a wonder material as it provided many positive benefits. However, it was discovered that exposure to asbestos caused life-threatening disease. Asbestos itself is not harmful, however, when it ages or is damaged, microscopic fibres become airborne and subsequently inhaled by unsuspecting people.

The asbestos fibres lodge in the lining of the lungs and cause disease. In Bristol, an asbestos survey will determine the extent and condition of any asbestos-containing materials in your building. It is your responsibility as the manager, owner or duty holder to ensure that your building complies with legislation and is safe for occupancy. The first step is an asbestos survey conducted by a qualified and registered team. We have many years of experience in dealing with asbestos. Offering a range of different asbestos surveys, our team of experts can advise you on which is the most suitable for your building and your needs. The most popular asbestos survey is a management survey. This survey is not intrusive and will locate the presence and extent of any asbestos-containing materials within your building. This would include the asbestos-containing materials that are likely to be disturbed or damaged during normal occupancy.

An asbestos survey in Bristol must be completed by a qualified team. Contact ACS today if you need to fulfil your responsibility as a duty holder. We are able to answer your questions, and so provide a quote. As a result of the worldwide pandemic, we are following the required protocol. We will assess your situation and provide a site visit if we feel confident that the visit can be carried out in a safe manner, according to government outlines. You will also find that our costs are competitive.  Our surveyors are highly qualified and experienced in all matters dealing with asbestos. You can trust that your building is in safe hands.